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Experienced IT Technicians

We are a team of dedicated technicians ready to fix any problem thrown at us, if you have any issue, large or small, dont hesitate to contact us! We are here to help.

Slow System?

If you have a slow computer, because of age, or other means. Or it's just time for an upgrade. We have you Covered.


We will request that you create a backup of the files on the computer, however we will create a backup that is kept for 2 weeks. Keeping your data safe if our main priority.

Security Professionals

Unsure what to security to go for in the growing age of security? or your computer is infested with malicious software? We are devoted to resolving issues like these in today's world.

Exceptional Customer Service

If you have a problem, small or large, we are here to help you get back on track! Our team of technicians will get you back to normal in no time

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If you need us to fix your computer, or you have an tech enquiry? feel free to contact us below! or drop by our workshop

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