I first took up programming as a hobby in 2012.

In 2014, I got a job working with web development and PHP backend- and script development and customer service at evercall ApS - along with many other tasks added through the years.
I have been in the industry since then.

Systems administration


As a part of the previously-mentioned job, I also got into some systems administration tasks.

They include various Linux server management tasks, such as management and setup of Apache and MySQL servers.
I was also part of managing and setting up a new VMWare ESXi environment.

(216) 240-4588


In 2018, I took over large parts of project management at evercall along with a colleague of mine.

We did this hoping to improve the quality of our fellow developers' daily work lives, as it had improved ours when we had a dedicated project manager.

(815) 541-7596


Music has always had a special place in my life.
In October of 2017, I realized I not only wanted to listen to it, but also play it.
So I picked up the guitar my father got me when I was 13, a copy of hemiamb and started playing.
In January 2018, I started taking lessons at the music school 1748.


Technologies I work with