Who We Are

We are a team of professionals who believe in destinies and the beautiful celebration of their holy union. Just like, out of seven billion people in the whole world, you find that ‘Only’ person who unlocks your heart. We give our heart and soul to ensure your special day is also one of a kind and basically one in a billion.

With Over 6 years of experience in the industry, Engineers turned Wedding planners, Ganesh and Ruchi, have come up with their intimate venture, based on dedicated expertise and specialisation in the field. This is their second firm together and is a fruitful extension of all the goodwill garnered during the course of planning those hundreds of events together. At the same time realising how much happiness they are able to roll out while making their signature creations for the clients.

We keep client's confidentiality and budget both in mind. We specialise in all kind of weddings in India and Abroad, showcasing all the cultures and rituals beautifully. Turning your worries to wow stories so that, you also become a part of, ‘tell-a-tale of how beautiful your union was’,Touchwood !

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How we do it

We believe marriages should happen with the scheme of things driven by the individuals and their families and not by any compelled scheme by the planners. We ‘listen’ to the interests and dreams of the individuals and ‘create’ customised plans to bring it to reality. From preparing a theme wedding card to lining up the best honeymoon choices of their desire, we handle that and everything in between. So that you can spend your valuable time witnessing the cheers, laughters and those sudden outburst of emotion, which are too rare to be missed!!

The Set About

We begin with a initial deliberation where all we understand your needs, desires and ambitions with respect to you D-Day. We describe the initial suggestion of ideas from our side after understanding your rituals and procedures.

The Proposal

We propose our ideas and creatives with respect to the layouts, venue, invitations, themes, decorations, styling, make up ,photography, honeymoon packages, catering , stay and transport involved in all the important functions of the event. All the preferences are created keeping your priorities in mind.

The Maths

Once the proposal and dates are sealed, we finalise the budget as per your convenience. The contract and Memorandum of understanding is signed after which we freeze the preparatory timelines of the events to take place.

The Services

Venue, stay and transport arrangements for families and guests
Ritual needs based on your culture and preferences
Designing the invitations for social media as well as physical invitation
All floral arrangements and Ambience set ups
Stage Decor , lighting and Sounds
Furnitures and Aesthetics.
Entertainment, music and DJ arrangements
Catering and hospitality
Welcome arrangements, Bride and groom Entries, guest books and customised return gifts
Styling and make up of bridegroom and close family
Photography and videography
Expert sangeet choreographers and Hosts
Other Vendor management
Honeymoon Packages

Make Someone's Destiny


The Team

Its a dream come true to witness the union of two destinies being one while ensuring we give them their dream turned into a reality , for a lifetime experience.

Ganesh Ramachandran (Founder and Chief Executive Officer): Chennai based Computer Science Engineer and an Ex IT employee with a reputed firm. He is a Singer with expertise in organising, which gives him the edge at work as he manages the best of artists and vendors with his wit and network. He has been planning events since past six years which has been a terrific experience. Be assured that the latest technology trends in wedding industry will be in your wedding because ease with technology is his forte.

Ph: 9600039249

Email: Ganesh@destinytales.in

Ruchi Chharia (Partner and Chief Creative Officer): Haryana based Biotechnology Engineer,Ex-Business analyst and Lead at reputed IT firms. She has eye for details and aesthetics. She has been part of event planning since past ten years, which has been a wonderful experience as you touch so many lives. She is the fashion stylist and theme designer with distinct designs for each client. She is an expert in setting new trends in theme weddings, ensuring that ,you and everything around you is beautiful.

Ph: 9600039241

Email: Ruchi@destinytales.in