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Ding Pro’s unique paintless dent repair service is a refined form of automotive metal shaping. This process will preserve and protect your vehicle’s original factory paint, parts and warranty. In addition, every repair comes standard with our 100% service backed guarantee — Call us today for a free, no-hassle estimate.
The Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

The paintless dent repair process has become one the fastest growing automotive repair industries in the world due to its unbeatable value.

The headache and hassle of dealing with submitting an insurance claim or risking your vehicle’s factory parts for imitations has been a nuisnace for many consumers for years.

Ding Pro San Diego has optimized the paintless dent repair process by pairing the service with mobility, making it a no-brainer when it comes to auto body repair.

The fact stands; paintless dent repair is far superior. But only recently has it evolved from its origins of small dent repair to full-on collision damage repair, mainly because of the lack of tool innovations of years past.

To continue improving on our end, Ding Pro San Diego has made smarter investments in better dent repair tools and dent repair training, so as to be prepared for any type of dents that may come our way; big, small, sharp or severe.

Paintless dent repair often gets praised for its affordability but the real value lies in its ability to make damage seem as if it never happened.

Over the years, Ding Pro San Diego has seen the sub-par repair work from some auto body shops that care more about profit margins than they do their results.

But what many also don’t realize is that even an auto body repair shop that does amazing work, still has to replace parts, repaint your car and issue a warranty through them. You no longer have the security of your vehicle’s factory warranties AND your car diminishes in value if you file a claim.

A much better option is our paintless dent repair service. By selecting Ding Pro San Diego, we can actually help you avoid all of those inconveniences. No need to replace parts, no machinery, no fillers. Just old fashioned automotive metal shaping refined for repairing your vehicle safely and efficiently.

In addition to a better repair, is the fact that you will also enjoy the convenience of having your damage repaired at the comfort of your own home. We provide our paintless dent repair service in San Diego county and a few surrounding areas as well.

Would you be interested in our paintless dent repair service? We offer free over-the-phone estimates and complete upfront pricing — Just give us a call at (858)333-7890 to discuss your damage.

We look forward to speaking with you.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

When your vehicle is damaged, it creates an impression; a dent. To begin a repair, we must first determine an access point. For example, if you have a dent on your driver door, the inner door card may need to be removed so that we may use our tools on the backside of the panel.

After establishing an access point, we can begin the repair process. Using only specially designed tools just for paintless dent repair, the dent is slowly, carefully and methodically massaged outward. No grinding or sanding down metal, no messy fillers, no welding, and absolutely no need to repaint.

Believe it or not, this process is actually an old world auto body repair technique that only very few technicians still know. It’s called metal shaping and it is no longer taught in auto body repair because the cost to replace damaged parts is cheaper than the labor of metal shaping.

Now, depending on the type of damage your vehicle incurs, repair times can vary from as little as an hour for small dents to a day or two for collision damage—which is still faster than weeks at a body shop.

One particular characteristic to keep in mind is dent repair on aluminum vehicles. Aluminum doesn’t react the same way as the more common steel and therefore requires more time to repair. Prices are significantly more for these repairs all across the world. To get an idea of how much, we encourage you to give a call to some local auto body repair shops and compare the steel repair prices to the aluminum repair prices.

None the less, Ding Pro San Diego can restore the value of your vehicle if you decide to use our service. Keep in mind all of the value of paintless dent repair, like keeping your factory parts, protecting your factory paint coat and most importantly, preserving your vehicle’s factory warranties. Not to mention the convenience of having your vehicle’s dent removed at the comfort of your own home!

Regardless of what repair route you decide to take, be sure to call around, ask plenty of questions and see what company is best suited for you.

As always, you can call Ding Pro San Diego today at (858)333-7890 for a free, no-hassle estimate—guaranteed.




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