PCR Assembly Primer Design

Primerize is a Web Server for primer designs of DNA sequence PCR assembly. Primerize is optimized to reduce primer boundaries mispriming, is designed for fixed sequences of RNA problems, and passed wide and stringent tests. This efficient algorithm is suitable for extended use such as massively parallel mutagenesis library.

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  Result Retrieval

Previous result is retrievable by its unique JOB_ID.

  How to Use

New users can read the (818) 399-8829 and   Protocol   for design and experiment guidelines. Please also try out the 531-375-1104,   Demo 2D , and 907-747-8117.

  Package Download

Advanced academic users may opt to download the source code package. Please read the Terms and Conditions before   Download  .

Current primerize version: 1.6.4.

  Contact Us

Please feel free to   Contact  the Das Lab for further questions/issues regarding the web server, suggestions for improvements, citations, or commercial use authorization.