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About Us

Natural or human-driven activities on Earth exhibits a myriad of complex patterns and relationships. However, they are not discernible at short spatial and temporal scales. Planet Panacea offers an end to end integrated insight discovery platform that combines AI powered satellite image processing using both historical and real time data. Our proprietary technology uses statistical analysis and AI driven deep scale data mining and hypothesis testing which is a first in the industry.

Exisitng industry standards usually offer satellite image processing of only level 3. Planet Panacea offers upto level 9 processing at a much less cost whilst supporting all major industry verticals. Our technology analyses past and present satellite images combining them with other terrestrial sources of information to extract most profound insights which can be harnessed to solve challenges in all spheres of human endeavour.

Planet Panacea is more than just a satellite image processing company.

Our Mission

Planet Panacea was formed with a vision to create sustainable development of humanity through its pioneering R&D technology.

Knowledge and Information mining

To provide data and insights to reduce global imbalance of information for sustainable growth of humanity.

Decision Making

To help humanity procure and process planetary data for knowledge driven decision making in all spheres of human endeavor.

Resource Discovery

To create a global scale real-time platform for discovery of indiscernible natural resources for social and commercial applications.

Disaster Management

To create a global scale real-time communication and analytics platform to maintain strategic preparedness for management of natural disasters.

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At Planet Panacea, we understand that no two business needs are the same. We offer customised solutions for all major industires using our cutting edge technology.


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