Rental Kharma

How valuable would it be to be able to work on building your credit just by paying your monthly rent? Our Rental Kharma service allows your monthly payment to your property manager to be relfected positively on your credit. This option allows you to build credit without having to fall into credit card debt. Take advantage of our extended plan and instantly benefit your credit by adding your last 2 years of rental history to your record!

Credit Monitoring

Always have peace of mind with the convenience of monitoring your credit at your fingertips. Our Smart Credit Service allows you to access your credit activity 24 hours a day from any device. Make contact with experts through your virtual account any time you have a question.

Credit Card Services

No credit history or minimum credit score required for approval. A secured credit card can help in rebuilding credit, or to build new credit for individuals just starting out. Manage your account and make payments online. Get approved in just seconds!


Financial Education

Protecting Your Future

For over 10 years, we have implemented countless financial programs aiming to satisfy the need for financial security in our members. Customize our services to provide yourself with the tools to manage and monitor your finances on your own terms. We offer packages to provide you with many ways to build and improve your credit and keep your finances organized. We stand by our services with integrity and with the confidence that we are helping to educate our members about managing their credit and finances. Our career program also allows for continued financial freedom through dedication and hard work.

What amazing credit looks like

Get the things that you want without overpaying in interest

Low Interest Rates

You pay closer to the actual value of the product, potentially saving you thousands on your purchase.

Approval Ratings

Getting turned down for anything is a thing of the past with a decent credit score. Start working on your score today!


Transfer your high interest loans to a different financial company and instantly lower your monthly payments.

From Customers & Agents

Amazing services! My score is increasing rapidly thanks to FES.

Calvin Customer

My credit score is nearing 800 now. Thank you guys!

Mary-Anne Customer

We are thrilled to be helping people and earning at the same time.

Kevin & Emma Agent