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We Create The Content, You Create Your Business

Not every inspector wants a marketing company. We as home inspectors work for ourselves because we are independent thinkers, strong willed, and we want control of our future – and that means having control of our own marketing. The DIY Home Inspector is here to get you on the right path. With one account you have access to the marketing materials you need to either launch your inspection business, or take your existing company to the next level. Our Marketing was created FOR inspectors – BY inspectors.

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All Your Online Marketing Material In One Place

No more hosting your site in one area and then hiring designers to build it – and then having another company send your home inspection newsletters. No more writing your own content for for your emails or website or trying to find someone to write content for you. Trying to make marketing videos, or searching for home inspection images is a thing of the past. Now all of your home inspection online marketing material is all in one place!

  • Websites 100%
  • Hosting 100%
  • Home Inspection Videos and Music 100%
  • Email Marketing 100%
  • Pictures and Images 100%

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Need photos or videos for your website? Need videos for YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites? Creating your own video and need stock video, music, and voice overs? Then keep your audience engaged when you get access to our media library of videos, pictures, graphics, pre-made videos, stock videos, background music, voice overs, and more made for home inspectors.

Websites and Hosting

Do you need a website but don’t know where to start? Do you have a website and want something that is mobile ready and built with with the home inspection industry in mind? When you are a member of the DIY Home Inspector you get full access to all of our pre-made home inspection websites – all built in WP and ready to use. Your membership also includes hosting. We set it up – you do the rest.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to expand your company online – especially to previous home inspection clients. But writing content and sending emails can be time consuming and expensive – $20 – $100 per month for most online DIY programs. Our emails are all done for you. All email marketing campaigns are mobile optimized and use your own “from” email address with your company logo.

Why Choose The DIY Home Inspector

Building, managing and setting up your marketing is a lot of work, and that time could be spent better doing what you do best – inspecting. So let us help you get your marketing started right – and easy.

Our membership plan comes with hosting and setup of your website. Just choose the one you want and we will install one of our pre-made home inspection websites at no additional cost. After that, you are in charge!

Need email marketing? No more writing content – we have that covered for you! That, on top of access to all of our home inspection media for you to use.

Hiring a marketing company is not for everyone – especially for a business owner such as yourself. You want to be in charge, and you want to know how it all works and where it is going.

When it comes to your website, you have free reign to edit, style, and change whatever you would like.

Want to make a video using our stock footage? Great! Want to use one of our pre-made marketing videos on your site? Awesome! Want to embed one of our pre-written emails on your site’s blog? Go for it! Because you are your own boss!

Feeling overwhelmed? No problem! For an additional fee we have support here for assistance. While it is “DIY”, we all need help sometimes, right?

Our plans include setup of one pre-made website, automated emails (for some plans), and access to our media – and then you do it yourself. But if you are looking for more help, just press one of our help buttons to get assistance for a small additional fee if you get stuck.

You can also choose our managed plan (the DIY Premium Plan) where we maintain your website for you – updating and maintaining each month. It is up to you!

We have a number of pre-made home inspection websites. We create the websites in Word Press for you and then you are free to customize them as you wish.

We build each website with home inspector styles in mind. You are free to use any of our pre-made templates for as long as you are a member.

Each member will have have access to their website to customize it the way they see fit. And if you ever get stuck and need help, just press one of our buttons and someone will be able to help you with your website issues.

All websites come with hosting and we install the first website for you – free!

As a member you will have access to our home inspection media library. We have pre-made marketing videos – whiteboards, short clips, niche market videos – that can help you grab attention on social media sites and your website.

Want to make your own video? Great! We have multiple stock videos that you can download to make your own videos. We also have background music, voiceovers, pictures, and more!

All of our media is royalty free and usable by you for as long as you are a member.

Our email marketing system sends emails out each month to your email list that you provide to us.

Your email will be customized to display your contact information, your name, your logo/profile picture, and your “from” email address.

Our email system can also be integrated on your website. That way clients, agents, and anyone else can sign up for YOUR newsletter right on your website. We also create a page where you can continually enter new people to your contact list with us.

Pricing and Packages

Try FREE For 30 Days!

Other options are available below our featured plans

Basic DIY

Email, Media Library
  • Email marketing
  • Access to our media library
  • Note: This is “DIY” – None of our plans include support, customization, or web design services (it is DIY after all). But help buttons are always available.
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DIY Premium

Website, Hosting, Media, Email, Maintenance
  • Website (including installation of our website templates)
  • Hosting for up to 2 websites on this plan – great for having separate websites for different services. Such as a home inspection website. a radon website, a commercial inspection website, or have a website for each one of your service areas.
  • Access to our complete media library
  • Email marketing and integration of your email subscription into your website
  • Monthly maintenance of your websites, which includes updating your themes and plugins, adding and maintaining certain security measures,  maintaining core updates, and regular backups of your website and content
  • Note: This is “DIY” – None of our plans include support, customization, or web design services (it is DIY after all). But help buttons are always available.

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