Amazon’s SCOUT- a machine technology for product hunt.

Amazon’s SCOUT smart move into e-commerce.


Amazon scout


‘Your website is nothing but a silent salesman’ Amazon at its best to prove it again.

I would say –Innovation + Tech. by launching a new E-Commerce platform Scout, Amazon is ready to concur the e-market again. As when you search on an E-Commerce website, it shows you similar category products, price ranges and few reviews of buyers. Reviews, where we decide about the product, is it worthy or not.

SCOUT–What it is exactly?

  • Visual shopping tool
  • Product Hunt
  • Personalized Shopping
  • Recommendation based


Scout is a brand new feature launched by Amazon to improve quality of product hunt online. It will help customers to narrow down their choice.

How Scout machine works:

Here you will find the thumbs up and thumbs down voting mechanism. This brand new tool, which will allow a buyer to chose their choice from millions of product.

According to CNBC report– Currently, the site lets you search for furniture, kitchen, dining products, home décor, patio items, lighting, and bedding, as well as women’s shoes. In time, Amazon will add more products like clothing and handbags, it said.

Where will you find it?

Well, it’s not announced publicly for now. There, they’d see a link to “Scout Style Explorer” which would take them over to the new tool, CNBC said. The site isn’t its own URL, but rather a subsection of, on 

amazon scout

Cool isn’t it? Share your thoughts on the below comment section.

Weekend Vibes

Hello People,

So finally the weekend is here! Sharing 5 best ever plans to do at the weekend. These are my favorite things to do and always on a top in my bucket list.

1. Pretend You’re a Tourist in Your Community

Yes, I do! Also, lucky to surrounded by the people who pretend the same. You can plan short trips like going to the beach, Zoo or you can pack a lunch for a park near the area. Enjoy some fresh air and natural environment.


2. Bring New in you.

It is always good to keep yourself always one level up. Having some passion like Bike riding, Dancing, Swimming or any Sports practice is always worth. These things not just only challenge you but also bring best of out you. This is how we should upgrade our self by bringing new.


3. Watch the sunset

Get outside. Nothing is peaceful than watching the Sunset. So how does that make you feel? There is something always relax and good feeling both.

4. Cook for dear or near once

Surprise your family with your recipes. Food is something which gets all the people together. Isn’t it? We share, we talk, we listen and this is how we get closer to our dear once.


5. Play Card games at night

All time favorite thing!

play cards


So you may have realized one thing that, it is not so expensive but definitely it will add more value to your routine.
Hope you all find these ideas worthy. I would like to hear more ideas from your site too, so share your thoughts on the comment section below.

Have a happy weekend!

Bringing हिंदी in advertisement platform #Hindians

Today is #हिंदी_दिवस (14th Sept.)

“To all those Hindians who are proud to have ‘Hindi’ as a National Language”
Advertising is all time my favorite subject, since my graduation time. So I was wondering what should I post about today ’s day and guess what? I had a thought –

As when we see the world’s top class brands or companies and when it comes to their advertising campaigns in India. I would say when it comes to the Indian market if they want that powerful mileage from. Then they have to think like Hindians-How?

Sharing those TOP 10 Iconic Taglines from Indian ( #hindian) Advertisement:

  1. Flipkart

2. Loreal

3. Maggi

4. KitKat

5. Mentos

6. Mountain Dew

7. Colgate

8. Pepsi

9. Coca Cola

10. Trivago

images source

These are few examples of brand taglines of MNC’s who entered in India for a business relationship. Who tried #hindi language for their brand tagline and won the Hindians heart.


How to make any travel goal.

travel - new innings

The first and most important thing to realize: there is no such thing as a right moment. Life is wonderful but loaded with lots of distraction in the path. Ever wondered how frequent people make their traveler dreams come true? YOU can too!
Sharing a few tips from my own travel experience. It would definitely drive you to set your travel goal.

1. Look forward-

We all have different priorities in our life. Apart from our daily scheduled it is also mandatory to listen what your life says…take a moment…think.

2. List down bucket list-

Are you searching for some new inspiration in life? List down all the things which you wanted to do. It can be anything like some travel places, sports, adventure trips etc. It will ultimately help you to set a goal.

3. Travel buddy –

To set on the track, consider yourself as a travel buddy. Start with a short-term goal, make strategy, and draw deadlines. Keep doing a follow-up with them.

At the end, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Bon voyage!